The highlight of this training program for me was the documentation, billing, and marketing presentations. You can’t do most of the things that 21st Century offers you by yourself. My experience in working with them is that you will save money, time and headaches. I’m so glad I didn’t open my own home care agency on my own.

T.J. Osby

Bridges Home Health Care, VA

My experience with 21st Century team has been great. They are very reliable, very understanding and very proficient. If you attend their training programs as I have done, you will not be disappointed.

Foncho Fobanjong

Health is Wealth Home Health LLC, CA

Training was a beautiful experience I had with 21st Century. I would like to say thank you for everything.

Aduliane Desir

Helping Hands Companion Caregiver LLC, FL

I would like to thank all of the staff at 21st Century for welcoming me into their home with tremendous knowledge, smiles, and being compassionate. Thank you very much.

Stephanie Ishman

Care Giving Angels, AL

It was awesome, very informative, good networking and good vendors.

Darlene Green

Care Giving Angels, AL

We are very glad we came because it was money well spent in helping us sort and navigate our course of direction in getting our home health running.

Augustine De Guzman

Agape Care Home Health Inc., CA

I loved it!. Wonderful people, servant / leaders, well informed and ready to assist you in every area of your business. I would come again.

Alexis C. Carter

I AM Companion Home Care LLC, VA

All of the topics of this training program are relevant and extremely necessary to have a successful home care agency. Attending the boot camp made me witness first hand the culture the 21st Century team has. They are a close knit second family. They are serious about their business and responsibilities that they have to their clients. I also wanted to mention that our coach/account manager Annalise has been awesome from the get go, patiently guiding us through all the steps of the way.

Aldirn Della

Wecare Home Health LLC, CA

Besides all the material covered in the last 5 days the highlight of this training program has been the direct conversations I have had with staff and partners such as Teresa Harbor from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), Lynn Lambarta from Medicare Billing and Rhonda/Becky from the 21st Century team. The first hand information was invaluable. The 21st Century team has been so friendly and willing to provide the time I needed to understand the information. We have a unique company setup (PEDS) and we appreciate 21st Century partnering with us to help figure out our unique marketing approach.

Jenna Val-Steneel

Spark Home Health, CO

The highlight of the boot camp was the group breakout exercises. I really enjoyed myself. I came to boot camp with reserve but upon arriving we were welcomed with a wonderful spirit and open arms. They also made us feel like family and that makes a big difference for me.

Diane Roberts

Gentle & Caing Homecare Solutions, OH

I learned at the training to keep smiling, to never give up and be humble. I recommend this training program to anyone who wants to open a home care agency. It is instrumental for anyone who is involved in running an agency. The 21st Century boot camp was very informative. Not only will they teach you how to run a Home Care Agency but they will teach you invaluable life skills.

Melique Cox

TLC Home Care LTD, Bermuda

The boot camp was great! More than I expected. Everyone that I spoke with was very informative!

Betty Berrisford

Avid Home Care, FL

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