Policies & Procedures

Fully Customized Policies & Procedures Manuals for Home Health Care Agencies

Whether you are beginning a business of personal care, companion care, home health, or hospice it is ESSENTIAL that you have home care policies & procedures manual that are customized and written to meet the qualifications of your state’s default standards.

To be Private Duty or Medicare Accredited through CHAP, ACHC, JCAHO, you also will need customized policies and procedures manuals.

Guaranteed to Meet the Standards of Both Your Agency’s Accrediting Body and State's Standards

Regardless of the location of your agency, we perform full customization of all necessary manuals, based on your agency’s specific services. Our custom policies & procedures publishing department guarantees that your state business license will be secure. Our publishing professionals consist of former Medicare auditors, and their #1 goal is to make sure that you pass your Medicare or Private Duty accreditation audits with flying colors.

Our policies and procedure manuals on health care are carefully created to obtain the following:

  • The licensing requirements of your State
  • Accredited Body Standards
  • Your agency’s specific services
  • The name of your home care agency
  • The staff employed at your agency
  • Your agency’s business logo
  • Any additional information that is important, regarding your agency

“Can I Call you with any questions during a state or accreditation survey?”

You have access to our clinical team during your state or accreditation survey. Our clinical team will ensure your agency avoids any deficiencies. This incredible service relieves your home care business license stress.

Feel Secure in Working with a Reliable Leader in The Home Health Industry

Over the last 23 years, 21st Century Health Care Consultants has helped over 3,000 home health agencies get started. We are very proud to have a professional team of over 50 full-time employees, each with their own special field of expertise.

Our founder Rosina McFadden is a pioneer in the home health industry. She is acclaimed industry-wide for helping develop New York’s Long Term Home Health Care Program, which has become a model for home care services nationwide.

Our proven methods, verifiable resources and industry experience make us the best within the industry at what we do. Our home health policies and procedures are a direct reflection of that commitment to excellence.

“Can’t I Just Use a Home Health Policy Procedure Template?”

Many websites promote and sell “generic” policies & procedures manuals. Please be warned that there is no such thing as a home care policy & procedures manuals template.

Using these types of template-based manuals causes a liability from the first day you use it in your home care business. Firstly, each state is different, and if you are trying to obtain a state business license in home care, your policies & procedures need to be customized to your state requirements.

If you are an emergency situation and are not able to react within a respectable time period because you have a generic set of home care procedure and policy manuals, you could be hit with a lawsuit! The greatest lawyer in the entire world won’t be able to provide justification to a court of law as to why your organization was equipped with only generic home care procedure and policy manuals.

Think of your home care policies & procedure manuals as a type of test. The state reviews your home care procedure and policy manuals in order to make sure that you’ve passed the meticulous and specific requirements and state standards. If your home care procedure and policy manuals aren’t up to par, how is your state going to expect your services to be up to standard?

Your home care procedure and policy manuals will be of great use for your agency, helping assure that your staff and your entire organization are adhering to correct and best practices. If your home care business is ever in a predicament and doesn’t know where to go for help, your custom home care procedure and policy manuals will have the answers within.

Note: if you are within a non-licensed state, you are still required to have well-conditioned and state-specific home care procedure and policy manuals.

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Updated February 20, 2019.