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Considering Starting a Home Health Care Business?

If so, you should know that our Home Health Care Consulting Company is the only one offering a lifetime home health care and training and support program. This training is extended to you, your current employees, and the employees you’ll hire in the future. We offer you and your employees the best in training, education, and ongoing support for you to get your business off the ground and keep it operating smoothly. Already a client? Our Home Health Care Seminars are always free to existing clients as part of your ongoing support and consultation. As long as your home health care company is in business, you and your employees are welcome at our home health care bootcamp at no cost to you.

Each training seminar consists of five days of intensive training. Seminars are held four times a year, once every three months. As your business adds more staff, these home health care seminars will be available to your new staff on an ongoing basis.

During a home health care bootcamp session, you’ll learn about both the administrative and the clinical aspects of running a home health care business.

Everything from Medicare Reimbursement and Oasis Transmittal to marketing your new business will be covered in detail. You’ll gain the marketing skills you need to start a business that’s competitive with other home health care providers in your area, including the customer service skills you’ll need to maintain existing clients and attract new ones.

After home health care boot camp, your agency will be able to operate effectively, efficiently, and properly, complying with home health care laws and regulations.

What is our "Forever Concept?"

With our Lifetime Home Health Care Training program, the “Forever Concept” means your agency is welcome to attend any of our Home Health Care Training Seminars as long as the doors of your agency remain open…in other words, for the lifetime of your business.


Home Health Care Training Outline

These are a few of the topics you’ll cover in our 4-day intensive training session:

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