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ICD10 Coding Oasis Training Class

Oasis Coding Training will deepen you and your staff’s understanding and expertise when it comes to Medicare Reimbursement possibilities.

ICD-10 Coding Classes begin with the Fundamentals of Coding. We start with the fundamentals of using the Coding Manuals to support a patient’s diagnosis. At the end of the training, there is an exam to assess your comprehension of the Coding Manual and the Fundamentals of Coding.

You will leave our training with a deep understanding of how to administer a Comprehensive Patient Assessment. Our ICD-10 coding classes illustrate how the Comprehensive Patient Assessment is designed to measure all of a patient’s needs.

You’ll also learn how to implement a Plan of Care to deliver the most efficient care possible to enhance the patient’s wellness and quality of life. This is a hallmark of our training. After all, the Comprehensive Patient Assessment is an integral part of your agency’s ability to provide quality healthcare.

Our training will illustrate how to use each individual assessment tool. You will learn the difference between the functional, clinical, and service areas measured by the evaluation and assessment process. This comprehensive training ensures that each and every individual patient’s unique needs are assessed and that the highest quality of care can be delivered.

A comprehensive understanding of the Clinical Assessment and Outcomes is absolutely essential for running an ethical, profitable, and effective agency. Being able to break down the data with a complete understanding of the outcomes is imperative. Our training aims to deliver this knowledge to you.

Your agency’s outcome data will dictate its financial future. Outstanding data can be a powerful marketing tool for potential referrals driven by outcome numbers. This outcome data will rank your agency on the local and national levels. You’ll know exactly where you stand up against other home healthcare providers. It will go a long way towards driving your agency to the top and may vault your agency to success in a performance-based reimbursement model.

Coding enables your agency to administer care under the strictest compliance standards. Our instructors teach you how to accurately code each diagnosis including wound care, post-surgical management, and diabetes. Your education will also include how to properly Case Mix Codes for reimbursement.

Proper coding is essential to the entire healthcare team. It puts everybody on the same page and makes billing and reimbursement much easier. These skills are necessary for the modern healthcare setting as communication moves more quicker.

ICD-10 Coding

Oasis C (Outcome and Assessment Information Set)

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