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Train Your Staff To Provide Wound Care

Many patients require evidence-based wound care, however, many health care providers aren’t fully trained to care for their patients’ wound care needs.

Home health agencies are no exception. Your agency needs quality training for your CNAs, LPNs, RNs and other providers.

With our wound care education program, your staff will be fully trained in evaluating, managing and treating wounds.

a nurse wrapping gauze on a patient's hand

You may have staff members in your agency who are providing wound care without the proper education. This can create negative outcomes for patients, which negatively impacts your agency. Why would a family refer your agency to other patients if your staff can’t properly care for their loved ones? Not only that, but Medicare reimbursement can also be delayed or even denied if your staff doesn’t follow proper protocols.

A wound management training program will pay for itself in no time as your agency sees more referrals, higher reimbursement rates, and more satisfied staff.

With this wound care education program, your staff will learn to create, implement and document patient treatment plans. Students will learn the latest techniques and best practices for wound management. All classes are taught by an engaging instructor with substantial medical experience so your staff will enjoy their time in the classroom. The program can be adapted for staff with any level of background in wound care management.

After completing the wound management training program, your staff will learn the anatomy & physiology of the skin and its related parts, how to stage ulcers, how wounds heal and how to assess wounds. The curriculum focuses on scientific knowledge tailored to the audience’s background.

Whether you send a group of CNAs with minimal scientific training or a class full of nurses with bachelor’s degrees, your staff will leave with a deeper understanding of the wound care process. Some attendees may also be eligible for continuing education credits, so you can present the wound care education program as a staff benefit.

You want to provide the best possible services for your patients. Your staff does too. With the right wound management training, your agency will gain the skills and knowledge needed to satisfy patients, families and staff members. Take the first step towards becoming an agency of wound care qualified providers and enroll in classes today.

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