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Develop Your Strategic Marketing Plan

At our Strategic Marketing training camp, you and your staff will learn everything you need to know to develop your strategic marketing plan, your budget, and how to attract customers- One of the MOST important things for your business to succeed!

Each training seminar consists of three days of intensive training. Seminars are held four times a year, once every three months. As your business adds more staff, these home health care seminars will be available to your new staff on an ongoing basis.

This course focuses on the changes in Home Health Care in the US and how it is imperative for you to be competitive and innovative in your approach to gaining market share in the Home Health Care industry.

Medicare, Private and Commercial payers are changing their approach and reimbursement models to Shared Risk Programs that are performance-driven. They are looking for those Home Health Care Agencies that will join them in providing the highest level of care and positive outcomes in the comfort of the patient’s homes.

Payers, physicians, and hospitals as well as patients and their families are seeking Home Health Care Agencies that meet these standards in their community.

Targeting your market, developing a strategy, implementing innovative programs, as well as direct marketing keys to success are among the topics to be covered in this Home Health Care Training Seminar. Our objective is to assist you in providing successful marketing to your referral sources and increasing your patient census!

If you would like to meet the challenge and be innovative in your market, please join us for an exciting one-day Home Health Care Training Seminar to gain the skills needed to become an innovative and cutting-edge Home Health Care Agency.

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