Pioneers of Home Health Care

During the early 1970s, we blazed a trail in Home Health Care by introducing the revolutionary concept of 'Nursing Homes without Walls,' which subsequently became the industry benchmark for home care. Our franchise journey began when 21st Century Healthcare Consultants was founded by Rosina McFadden, BSN, MS in 1996. For over 27 years, this company specializes in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing their own care agencies, ensuring they secure all essential paperwork, licenses, and comprehensive home healthcare training, enabling them to launch their businesses with confidence. 

Founded with Love, Realized by Legacy 

 21st Century Healthcare Consultants was founded by Rosina McFadden, BSN, MS in 1996 and represents a legacy of pioneering and forward-thinking concepts in Home Care. Rosina's impressive career includes establishing New York's successful Long-Term Home Health Care Program, negotiating the USA's first fee-for-service nursing contract, and shaping Hawaii's Long-Term Home Health Care Program. She's been a prominent advocate for the Home Care industry, serving on key committees and receiving prestigious awards. Her visionary leadership continues to inspire, making a lasting impact on the industry. Today she is happily retired, watching her vision live on, as 21st Century Healthcare Consultants continues to blossom under the direction of CEO, Thomas Rose.

Our Core Values

Accountability and Ownership

We take ownership of everything we do, and through accountability, we take responsibility for the outcomes.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We achieve more, collaborating our best ideas together, and we are stronger together through teamwork.

Grow with Purpose and Vision

We continually grow personally, professionally, and organizationally with intention, commitment and a vision of what is possible.


Doing the right thing even if no one is watching. We value honesty, transparency, and a dedication to doing what is best for our customers, employees, and those we engage with.

A Vision for the Ages

"Our vision is to be the industry’s experts and trusted partner of choice for healthcare businesses."

21st Century Home Health Care Consultants is dedicated to showing our clients the possibilities of what owning their own home care could be like. Our vision is to set new standards for the home care consulting industry, where every client receives not just assistance, but genuine care that touches the heart. We are driven by a mission to create a future where entrepreneurs experience the warmth of compassion in every aspect of our service, helping them to offer quality care within their communities. In our vision, care is boundless, and kindness is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Mission of a Lifetime

"Our mission is to provide dynamic solutions that enable and empower our clients to achieve business success."

At the core of our commitment lies the sincere intention to provide more than just advice; we aspire to offer comprehensive solutions along with world-class customer service. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the intricate nuances of the home health care industry, seeking to craft personalized strategies that nurture resilience, inspire innovation, and foster enduring growth for our clients. Our mission is deeply rooted in the profound belief that success within the home health care sector is not merely an attainable goal but a sustainable journey, especially when accompanied by the right tools, knowledge, and unwavering support. It is our sincere endeavor to be the steadfast companion on this path, empowering our clients to not only reach their aspirations but to sustain and thrive in the compassionate and vital field of home health care.