Commercial Finance Solution For Your Home Care Business.

Having access to commercial financing is incredibly beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to start a home care agency. It provides the necessary capital to cover initial startup costs, such as licensing, staffing, marketing, and equipment. With adequate financing, entrepreneurs can invest in high-quality training for caregivers, ensuring they deliver exceptional service to clients. Additionally, it allows for the establishment of a robust operational infrastructure, including advanced software systems for scheduling, billing, and client management. Access to commercial financing also offers a financial cushion to manage cash flow fluctuations, enabling the business to grow sustainably. 21st Century Health Care Consultants now offers commercial financed, powered by Flychain.

Why Finance with Us? 

Our finance partner, Flychain offers a full suite of services to optimize the financial health of small to medium-sized providers across healthcare.

Working Capital
Revenue Cycle Intelligence
Saving Opportunities
Automated Accounting
Valuation Services