Do You Need PDGM Coding Training for Your Home Care Business?

PDGM Coding Training is designed to enhance the understanding and expertise of you and your staff regarding Medicare Reimbursement possibilities. The PDGM Coding Classes kick off with the Fundamentals of Coding, starting from the basics of utilizing Coding Manuals to support a patient's diagnosis. The training includes an exam to gauge your comprehension of the Coding Manual and the Fundamentals of Coding, leaving you with a profound understanding of administering a Comprehensive Patient Assessment. Our PDGM coding classes elucidate how the assessment is crafted to address all aspects of a patient's needs.

The training delves into the implementation of a Plan of Care, aiming to deliver the most efficient care to enhance the patient's wellness and quality of life—an integral aspect of our program. The Comprehensive Patient Assessment, crucial for providing quality healthcare, is explored in detail, illustrating the use of each assessment tool. The distinction between functional, clinical, and service areas measured by the evaluation and assessment process is thoroughly covered, ensuring that each patient's unique needs are assessed for the delivery of the highest quality care.

Deepen Your Knowledge

PDGM Coding Training Outline

Oasis Coding Training will deepen you and your staff’s understanding and expertise when it comes to Medicare Reimbursement possibilities. Click on the button below to learn more about some of the topics we'll cover in our training.

Some Topics Covered

  • PDGM Coding
  • Coding Best Practices
  • How to determine correct Diagnosis Assignments
  • Coding Guidelines and Tips for Accuracy
  • Selection of the correct Primary and Co-Morbidities Diagnoses
  • Proper use of the Hypertension and Neoplasm Table
  • Understanding Surgical Codes, V Codes and Diabetic Codes
  • Coding Scenarios
  • Case Mix Codes for Reimbursement
  • Oasis C (Outcome and Assessment Information Set)
  • Compressive Assessment Strategy Overview
  • How to identify Clinical Points, Functional Points and Service Points
  • Assessment of Pain, Wounds, Body Systems
  • The importance of Process Measures
  • Coding Diagnosis VS Payment Diagnosis
  • Positive and Negative Outcomes
  • Financial Effect of Non- Routine Supplies
  • Home Health Compare Program

  • PDGM Coding Training That Makes Sense

    A comprehensive understanding of Clinical Assessment and Outcomes is deemed essential for running an ethical, profitable, and effective agency. Our training focuses on breaking down data with a complete understanding of outcomes, as agency success hinges on outcome data dictating its financial future. Exceptional outcome data becomes a potent marketing tool for potential referrals, elevating your agency's rank on local and national levels. This knowledge is pivotal for success in a performance-based reimbursement model.

    Coding proficiency is emphasized for administering care under strict compliance standards. Instructors guide you in accurately coding each diagnosis, encompassing areas such as wound care, post-surgical management, and diabetes. Your education extends to properly Case Mix Codes for reimbursement, fostering cohesion among the healthcare team and facilitating billing and reimbursement processes. These essential skills align with the demands of the modern healthcare setting, where rapid communication is paramount.