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Start a Home Care, Home HealthCare, or Hospice Business

We Provide the Industry’s Most Complete Home Care Startups, Performance Improvement & Lifetime Training Programs. 

We guarantee your state license and Medicare accreditation approval.

Start Your Own Certified Home Care Business Today and Make a Difference in Your Community.

Start a Home Care, Home Health Care, or Hospice Business

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We Provide the Industry’s Most Complete Home Care Startups, Performance Improvement & Lifetime Training Programs. We guarantee your state license and Medicare accreditation approval.

Start Your Own Certified Home Care Business Today and Make a Difference in Your Community.

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We offer the most successful comprehensive home care startup program in the industry.

We are far more than a certified home care consulting company. 21st Century Home Care Consultants has helped more than 6,000 home care agencies get started. Your team at 21st Century Health Care Consultants consists of 50+ home care consultants who will be serving you throughout your new agency startup process.

We do the work for you! Not only are we known as the best home care consultants, but our hands-on approach to the completion of all Licensing Applications also ensures successful approvals. Ask about our licensing approval guarantee.

We will train, support, and guide your home care business to success in the following areas.

Your agency will need provider enrollment services.

We are the only home care consulting company that has a credentialing and provider enrollment team. This dedicated team will help you get approved and be eligible to be paid for services that you provide for patients with the following types of insurance.

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We are Experts in the Following Areas:

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Start a Home
Care Business

Our award-winning home care startup program is turnkey. We provide you with everything needed to own and operate a home care business successfully. Our experience, resources, lifetime training programs, and proven processes are the best in the industry.

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Start a Home Health
Care Business

We offer the industry’s only turnkey Medicare and Private Duty home health care business startup solution. All of our Registered Nurse Consultants are CHAP Certified Surveyors that specialize in Medicare Accreditation. Ask about our licensure and accreditation guarantee.

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Start a
Hospice Business

We teach and assist you with everything needed to build a successful Hospice business. Make a difference with a career you love. Starting a hospice business enables you to improve the quality of life for people dealing with progressive, advanced, and terminal illnesses.

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Home Care

Our home care state license approval is guaranteed. We are experienced in completing these applications and often have relationships at the state level, which allows us to expedite the process. The licensing coach is an expert in completing these applications.

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Home Health Care
Policies and Procedures

Your agency’s manuals are completely customized based on the services your agency provides. Our clinical team will help you pass any Private Duty or Medicare accreditation site audits, alleviating the stress that comes with state and federal surveys.

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Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Program

QAPI isn’t a one-time, or annual, process. With a continuous and comprehensive QAPI program, your staff will be more efficient, accountable, and more efficient. The result will be better operational efficiency, lower costs, and increased reimbursements.

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Offering a lifetime of training and educational support. 

Our lifetime training and support programs are available to you and your clinical team, now and whenever needed in the future.

Our home care, home health care, and hospice training seminars are held every quarter. All of our home care training programs emphasize the importance of clinical compliance.

From the proper way of admitting patients, chart documentation, administrative operations, human resources, hiring protocols, HIPAA, branding, marketing and how to get patient referrals.  Call us to find out about your lifetime training guarantee.

No other certified home care consulting company has as much experience, proven processes, in-house resources, and industry partners to service your certified home care agency needs.

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Operating a successful certified home health care business can be demanding, and the long-term success of your business depends on home health care Quality Assessment Program Improvement (QAPI) compliance. Contact us today.

Our monthly performance reviews, ongoing agency audits, and review of 19 quality indicators will help your agency reach its clinical benchmarks and full QAPI compliance. Our Quality Outcomes Program consists of true ongoing home care consulting relationship between your business and ours.

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