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Many retired seniors choose to volunteer and make a positive impact in their communities. They provide valuable services that help others and at the same time they are getting physical, mental and social benefits. Volunteering is rewarding, it gives a sense of giving and accomplishment, it brings more meaning and purpose to their lives.

Staying active is important in all ages, volunteering offers many opportunities to get out of the house to try new things that keep seniors physically active which has a big impact on positive health outcomes. Research shows an association between volunteering and physical health benefits.

Volunteering promotes mental health. Doing something productive and meaningful, helps feel capable and boosts self-esteem. Studies have found that being busy helping others can reduce stress and improve mood. It helps retirees stay socially active and give them the opportunity to meet people and make friends.  It’s a great way to prevent seniors from isolation and avoid the pitfalls of loneliness and depression.

Volunteering provides more opportunities to connect with younger generation. Seniors can share their experience and life lessons with the younger generation, at the same time they can learn something new from the younger people and both can share their knowledge to work together and  build important connections between generations.

There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities available for older adults, they can choose what suits their interests and physical ability. Retirement is an exciting stage in life, it’s important to fulfill that time with a higher purpose in life that provides meaning and maintains positive attitude.

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