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Learn How to Open a Home Care Business

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Learn How to Open a Home Care Business

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Learn How to Open a Home Care Business

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You can increase your Home Care Agency business by earning the proper credentials to get referrals for providing long term, home care services for US Veterans

Medicaid provides waivers for home care services to allow persons to live in their homes. This wonderful program not only allows our veterans to be in the comfort of their home but also saves the program money because it is much less expensive to have in-home care provided than to have someone stay in an impersonal facility such as a hospital, nursing home or hospice.

It also has the benefit of providing Home Care Agencies with a ready and waiting list of potential clients. You only need to get your credentials to be a recipient of these referrals.

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Your Home Care Agency can be benefiting from these programs right now!


Veteran-Directed Home and Community Based Services gives Veterans of all ages the opportunity to receive the Home and Community Based Services they need in a consumer-directed way. Veteran-Directed Care is for Veterans who need skilled services, case management, and assistance with activities of daily living (e.g., bathing and getting dressed) or instrumental activities of daily living (e.g., fixing meals and taking medicines); are isolated or their caregiver is experiencing burden.

Community Care Program

Non-VA medical care is health care provided within the community to eligible Veterans when VA facilities cannot provide the care. All VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) can use this program when needed. The use of the National Non-VA Medical Care Program is governed by federal laws containing eligibility criteria and other policies specifying when and how it can be used. A preauthorization for treatment in the community is required for non-VA medical care — unless the medical event is an emergency.

Veterans Choice Program (VCP)

Veterans Choice Program The VCP allows Veterans who are already enrolled in VA health care to receive health care in their community and home, while still having access to their regular VA health care. The current program allows Veterans who have to wait more than 30 days or travel over 40 miles for an appointment.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), an operating unit of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), is a direct service provider of health care, similar in many ways to a large private sector health care system. In addition to providing inpatient, outpatient, and a range of other medical care services, the VHA provides and purchases long-term care services. The VA is one of two federal payers of long-term care services (the other being Medicaid).

VA Programs

VA Programs provide several patient care options for home care, home health care and Hospice agencies. Eligibility for VA long-term care programs depends on eligibility for VA health care, which is based on meeting specific enrollment criteria. Call us at (888) 850-6932 for more information about the VA Long-term Programs that are available and the credentialing requirements to be approved to provide these services:

  • Home Based Primary Care
  • Community Residential Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Homemaker / Home Health Aide Care
  • Respite Care
  • Home Skilled Care
  • Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services