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Learn How to Open a Home Care Business

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Learn How to Open a Home Care Business

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Learn How to Open a Home Care Business

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Growing Your Business or Practice with Credentials

To bill insurance companies or really any agency you need the proper credentials. Let us do it for you.

Behavioral health is one of the fastest growing industries in health care. One time it was the unspoken part of health care. 

But now it is recognized just as important as physical care. For some, even more important. But you know this because you are already in the industry.

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What you need to know is how to reach more clients and provide the help they need that you have trained to provide. You most likely went into business to help people only finding out later that being a business owner meant that you spent little time doing what matters to you because most of your time is spent with the details of keeping your business running and organized.

One of the other important factors is finding those clients. How many of you realized that so much of your time would be spent as a sales person selling your services? Then finding out that there is a huge bureaucracy to deal with in getting to help the patients because you need to bill insurance or the government agencies. To do that you need credentialing and getting your credentials for you is exactly what we do.

To have a successful business means you need clients. Most clients have some form of insurance or are on Medicaid.

In order to bill these agencies you need the proper credentialing.

We keep up with the constant growth in these industries and it’s ever changing landscape of regulations.

To do this on your own it is a full time job. Either you spend your valuable time keeping up with this or you hire another employee.

We deal with all the necessary paperwork, submit your applications with some being 300 pages, and act as your back office so that you can focus on the things that keep your business going. We save you time and money and help you expand your client base. You are just not going to reach the next level without these credentials and you probably don’t have the time to deal with it. Let us take care of it for you!

Medicare & Medicaid

Medicaid has over 300 programs associated with it. Do you have the time to sort through them all to find the ones right for you?  During our intake interview we learn exactly what you need. It’s our business to know what programs are available and which of them applies to you.  The time this saves alone is worth our services. But there is more.

Medicaid Waiver Programs vary by state. We know what every state offers. We can explain to you the benefits of enrollment with each and every Medicaid waiver program. Your state offers a variety of services under the HCBS and LTLS services. They include medical and non-medical Home Community Base Services and Long Term Living Supports services for seniors, veterans and insurance patients.

With the federal government’s approval of State Medicaid Waiver programs allowing in home care treatment for consumers with intellectual and related disabilities, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury and other types of disabilities, your home health care agency can provide services to consumers in their homes and in their communities.

Insurance Credentialing

We have years of experience and have established relationships with many of the top insurance companies.

Our goal is to assist our clients in overcoming the many challenges that go into earning credentials and being approved as an insurance provider. With years of experience we have developed several approaches for health care agencies to earn their approval that may not normally not be available. We pride ourselves with our attention to detail, our understanding of policy and procedures required by insurance companies for personnel to be credentialed.

No one has a greater understanding of the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) requirements and expediting applications for approval. As a business owner you probably don’t have time to keep up on all the latest requirements for earning these credentials and how they can benefit you and your business. Working with us is like having a division for your business focused on these issues.

Veterans Programs

Our former military are some of our most precious resources. They deserve every bit of care we can provide. 

Without these credentials you will not be able to provide services to them.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), an operating unit of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), is a direct service provider of health care, similar in many ways to a large private sector health care system. 

In addition to providing inpatient, outpatient, and a range of other medical care services, the VHA provides and purchases long-term care services including Behavioral Health. The VA is one of two federal payers of long-term care services (the other being Medicaid).

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VA Programs provide several patient care options for Behavioral Health agencies. Eligibility for VA programs depends on eligibility for VA health care, which is based on meeting specific enrollment criteria. Call us at (888) 850-6932 for more information about the VA Long-term Programs that are available and the credentialing requirements to be approved to provide these services:


Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, in our society one of the key factors in the rapid growth is the epidemic of substance abuse. Practically no one’s life is untouched by it. Everyone has a friend, neighbor colleague, or relative that has fallen victim. It is finally getting the recognition it deserves and is part of most every insurance and program. But once again, you must be credentialed to be able to bill these institutions.